40+ Woman's Guide

Dreaming of Starting Your Own Business? 

You're about to discover How To Build a Thriving Online Business Without Giving Up The Security of Your Monthly Paycheck

This guide reveals how to start your own business, make money doing what you're passionate about, and confidently quit your soul-sucking corporate job.

Do you ever wonder how some people come out of nowhere, start an online business from scratch and skyrocket to the top of their industry within months... while others struggle for years and years?  

You see it happening all the time… but HOW they do it is a complete mystery to you.  

I want to give you an insider’s look into how I quit my job, started a business and became an expert in my field – despite being a complete newbie at entrepreneurship, not knowing anything about the online world and starting my business alongside running a family with three kids under the age of five.  


You'll find out...

  • My 3 Simple Steps To Building a Thriving Online Business - Without Giving Up The Security of Your Monthly Paycheck (because hey, who needs that kind of financial stress, right?)
  • The unique 5-step system that my clients & members use to turn cold leads into warm prospects and new clients in their brand-new startup businesses (get ready to be amazed)
  • Automated, low-cost marketing structures and systems for getting a consistent stream of clients (every entrepreneur needs to be doing this, and startups in particular)
  • My 3 pillars for business success; the three things that I found during my entrepreneurial journey were crucial to starting a business around something you’re passionate about and that actually makes you money.


I'm an Online Marketing Strategist turned Business Coach for 40+ women who are no longer fulfilled in their corporate jobs. I help them start an online business, quit their job and live life on their own terms. 

My clients are aspiring health coaches, life coaches, business consultants, and other service-based professionals. Together, we are on a mission to help more people, impact the world, and create a life with more meaning, more money & more freedom.

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