Fabulous Forties Business

Build A Thriving Business And Break Free From Your Suffocating Day Job

If you’re the kind of woman who desires to build a thriving online business, make money doing what you’re passionate about, and confidently quit your soul-sucking corporate job… this coaching program is for you.


The Private Mentorship Program Created Exclusively For Women in Their Fabulous Forties Who Are Ready To Build a Thriving Online Business!


And just a few years ago I made the bold decision to quit my corporate job of 24 years, take the leap into the unknown and become a full-time entrepreneur - all while being in my early forties with three kids under the age of five. 

It turned out to be a decision that would change my life forever, because it enabled me to create a life that I love and a business that truly lights me up inside.  

And I want that for you too.  

However, I know that being ambitious 40+ women we all have our own unique story - and I’d love to hear yours.


  • Do you feel stuck in an inflexible corporate job, building someone else’s dream at the expense of your own?  
  • Do you feel lost, empty, overworked and underpaid while missing out on your life?  
  • Do you feel like you’re forever coming up short when it comes to doing, giving and being enough for your kids?  
  • Do you feel a constant nagging that you’re not living your soul’s purpose, and you’re questioning your current path?  


Because not even that long ago I was exactly where you are...  

During the first 20 years of my career I’d been perfectly happy with my corporate job. I loved the work that I did, I had amazing colleagues and I had a big fat paycheck coming in at the end of every month.  

But then something happened...  

After experiencing a big change in my life - becoming a mom to a beautiful daughter at 38, and then again to amazing twin boys at 41 - I felt like I had completely lost myself. My desires and priorities made a 180 degree turn, leaving me feeling confused, overwhelmed, and terrified of having to spend another 10, 20, or even 30 years at a job that sucked the life out of me.  

I realized that life was simply too long to stay stuck any longer, so I started wondering what else was in store for me. Surely there had to be more to life than this bureaucratic career?  

I remember sitting behind my desk at the office daydreaming about living life on my own terms; I imagined being my own boss, having the freedom to spend time with my family, making an impact on people’s lives, and making more money than I ever could working for someone else.  

Yet something was holding me back from actually making the transition to entrepreneurial life...  

Not only did I have zero entrepreneurial knowledge or experience, I was also scared to dead to leave the security of my monthly paycheck. And on top of that my family and friends insisted that I must be crazy to start something new at this age, while having a mortgage, tons of expenses and three little mouths to feed.  


Because who decides what age is too old to start a busines? There’s no such thing as a set age for entrepreneurship!  

Yes, millennials may have the unlimited energy to launch a new business at the blink of an eye, but the benefit of starting a business in your fabulous forties is that what you may lack in youthful energy, comes back multiplied in the knowledge, experience and financial security you’ve built up over the years.  

And by this point in your life, you probably know exactly what you want - or don’t want - from a career, so you’re in the best possible position to create a richer, fuller, more meaningful life.  

So I confidently decided that I was NOT too old to follow my dreams, or to embark on a new adventure.  

I decided that I was NOT going to stay in my soul-sucking corporate job for another 30 years for the sake of perceived security.  

I decided that I was DONE with choosing unhappiness over uncertainty, and that NOW - if any - was MY TIME to go after my dreams and make them a reality. 

Fast forward a few years...


  • I run a successful business where I'm creatively fulfilled and love what I do: coaching and helping hundreds of women all over the world start their own Fabulous Forties Business
  • I live a life with more meaning, more money, and more freedom than I ever would have dared to imagine
  • I am completely in charge of my own life and financial success, which makes me feel like a blessing to my family
  • I’ve built an amazing community of driven, passionate 40+ women who are excited and ready to start an online business, quit their job, and live life on their own terms
  • I enjoy passion-filled days knowing that every ounce of effort I put in makes a difference in someone else’s life

If you don’t enjoy the career that you have right now, it might be time for you to stop, re-evaluate what you desire from life, and re-direct yourself down that new path.  

What is really keeping you from creating the life of your dreams? 

Is it not knowing what you want? 

Lack of knowledge? 

Perceived security? 

Or maybe it's fear of the unkown?  

For me, it was the lack of knowledge. 

I knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur, but I had no idea whatsoever how to build a profitable business from scratch - or where to even start.  


What if you had a personal guide to help you discover your purpose, pick the business that’s right for you, and provide you with a step-by-step action plan to make it a reality?  

What if you could stop chasing the only thing society taught you to pursue - a well-paying corporate job, busting your butt for someone else’s dream - because it makes you feel lost, drained and miserable?  

What if you no longer allowed the ‘what if’ to rule your queenhood, and reclaimed control over your life, career and happiness?


I’m not extra special. In fact, I'm a bit of a bore...

I grew up in the Netherlands (probably the smallest country you know), being number seven in a family with ten kids, and raised by a single mom busting her butt as a cleaning lady to provide for us. 

I’ve been in a corporate job for the biggest part of my life and I had zero business knowledge or experience when I first embarked upon this entrepreneurial rollercoaster. And you can definitely say that I've made my fair share of mistakes along the way. 

The only reason I am where I am today is that I decided that I could not - that I WOULD not - give up control over my life and future. I confidently made the decision, the commitment, and set the intention that I was going to start my own busines and that it was going to be a huge success, no matter what.

You know...with today’s modern technology, it has never been easier to start your own business


Because - whether you aspire to be a coach, consultant, or service provider - starting an online business from the comfort of your home doesn’t require keeping stock or inventory, renting a big office space or hiring employees. It doesn’t require huge budgets, investors or going into debt. All it takes is a great idea, a laptop, and 10 to 15 hours a week to get started.  

And if I could build a successful business from scratch without any previous knowledge, you can do it too. But you've got to take that first step and make that decision that you are going to make it happen, that you will do whatever it takes. And once you do, you don't have to figure it all out on your own.

The power of private coaching, personalized support and specific guidance is massive in helping you see the forest through the trees, find your own path and succeed on your own terms. 

Worried about giving up the security of your monthly paycheck to leap into the world of entrepreneurship? You don’t have to, because I’ve got you covered.  

I’ve come a long way since that day four years ago when I decided to dive in headfirst and quit my job without a safety net. For me, it was the right thing to do at that time, but if I had to make that decision again, I probably wouldn’t do it the same way.  

So now I teach my clients how to start their online business alongside their corporate job, and generate 6-12 months worth of revenue in the shortest possible time, so they can confidently quit their job and start scaling their business full-time - while still having enough time to spend with their loved ones.

Are you ready to have a conversation about how this could work for you?

In case you’re wondering who I am and why you should even listen to me...  

As an Online Marketing Strategist-turned-Business Success Coach my mission is simple: Help 10,000 women in their Fabulous Forties discover their Purpose, stand in their Power, and unleash their Potential.

With a degree in Marketing, Communications & Project Management - and over 15 years of experience in those areas - I’m here to help you master the art of turning a desire, a passion and an idea into a thriving online business.  

I’ve worked one-on-one and through online programs with over 240 amazing women over the past few years. More importantly, over the last two years - while running two startup businesses and managing a young family with three kids - I’ve built a raving community of over 11,000 people on Facebook, 4,200 people on Instagram, grew an e-mail list of 5,257 qualified leads, and mastered the art of marketing my business online to turn strangers into fans, fans into leads, and leads into paying clients.  

And now I cannot wait to share my easy-to-implement strategies, systems & structures to help you start your own business and quickly create a tribe of your own - so you’ll never have to wonder where your next lead or sale is going to come from.  

Not only will you get the clarity, focus and the support you need to quickly take your business off the ground, we’ll also eliminate the fear, doubt and hesitation that come with making a big change in your life. Together we’re going to embrace the unknown and turn it into confidence, faith and excitement.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."  

 - Eleanor Roosevelt


I believe there’s a reason - a purpose - why you desire to be an entrepreneur. I believe that you have a unique gift to share with the world, and an online business is your vehicle to do that.  

You have the vision, the drive and the determination to build a thriving online business. But the one thing holding you back from taking the leap is the lack of a proper strategy to work out your business idea, and a clear roadmap to turn it into reality.  

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to PowerWomensNetwork's  

The Private Mentorship Program Created Exclusively for Women in Their Fabulous Forties Who Are Ready To Build a Thriving Online Business!

I’ve designed this program specifically for the 40+ corporate woman who desires to start an online coaching, consulting or service-based business - so she can make money doing what she's passionate about and confidently quit her corporate job.


Your 90-Day program will be completely customized to your specific desires, wants & needs, focusing on the areas that need the most attention based on your unique situation.

Discover Your WHY

Tap into your deepest desires and discover your big vision that wil be the driving force that gets you through your days, guides you beyond worry & fear, and motivates you to become unstoppable in pursuing your greatness.

Identify Your Ideal Clients

Get super clear on your niche and get a whole new sense of clarity around who you’re meant to serve - so that marketing and selling your services feels like a walk in the park.

Craft a Magnetizing Message

Create a marketing message based on your clearly defined vision, mis-sion & core values - so you’ll have no problem whatsover attracting your ideal clients and building your own tribe of raving fans.

Develop A Power Women's Mindset

Transforming your corporate employee mindset into a growth mindset - with a high-vibe wealth consciousness and an energizing morning routine - will set you up for success and turn you into an entrepreneurial rock star.  

Design High-End Packages & Programs

Infuse your offerings with your unique set of skills and experience, and learn how to confidently price them - so they become irresistible to your ideal clients. Plus - as a bonus - you instantly make the competition irrelevant.

Create your Fabulous Forties Business Model

Get your systems and structures in place, and create a killer marketing funnel - so you'll have a consistent influx of leads and sales, and will run your business in way less time than you ever imagined possible.

What My Clients Say About Me

"Lucia's investment in my life and business has made me a better entrepreneur. Her natural business approach and amazing insights have not only inspired me, but guided me to excel."

Eileen Morales - Beauty In The Making

"My Facebook pages have been getting awesome likes, engagements and conversions. My brand-new page which I just started a week ago has now over 160 likes and I just got my first client via my page today. I'm so grateful to you for all your coaching and I'm amazed at the results that I'm getting."

Trish Talty - Start Living

"Lucia is the best person to get you motivated. She'll make you realize that everything is possible. She's my go-to, my kick in the butt, my personal motivator and most of all my strength to believe in me."

Charmaine James, Wed My Dress


  • A complementary 45-minute Discovery Session to ensure we're a great fit to work together
  • An in-depth Welcome Pack, so we can hit the ground running during your coaching sessions
  • 2-Hour Skype Intensive to kick-off the coaching
  • 10 weekly 60-Minute Skype Coaching Sessions to guide & support you over the course of the 90 Days
  • Weekly Action Items for you to complete
  • My eyeballs on your Personal and Business Progress for 90 days
  • Additional Resources (book recommendations, workbooks, recommended suppliers, tools, etc.)  

By the end of this program you’ll have a clearly defined vision, a feasible business model and an actionable marketing plan for your own Fabulous Forties Business. You’ll have a whole new sense of clarity about who you want to be, what you’re meant to do and who you’re meant to serve, and a message that will magnetize your tribe. You will feel confident about your entrepreneurial knowledge and abilities, you'll be impacting lives, enjoying passion-filled days and be totally set up for entrepreneurial success.


Extended payment plan options available upon consultation



 Use the Voxer voice messaging app to ask me questions in-between sessions. Get direct access to me as you move into the life and business you’ve always dreamed of.  

($500/month Value) 


Get 3,5 hours of online video teaching you step-by-step how to package your knowledge into amazing pieces of content and give it away for free - so you can start attracting loads of your dream clients, build a list of highly qualified leads, and quickly grow a thriving business

($197 Value)


Let’s talk about your life and business goals - or any challenges & questions you may have on your current path - and discover if and how I can help you. Just pick a spot in my online calendar, and I’ll look forward to chatting with you.


I’ll be the first to admit that starting your own business can be scary, unpredictable, and sometimes can even feel like jumping from a ledge without a parachute. But those feelings are nothing compared to the freedom, joy, and excitement you’ll experience from waking up every single day to do something that you’re truly passionate about.  

However, I realize that this program is not for everyone...  

That’s why I only work with PowerWomen with big dreams, and who are brave, willing and truly committed to do what it takes to go big! So if you have a strong desire to re-engineer your life and start your own Fabulous Forties Business - and you feel like you have what it takes to win in life, then click the button below to schedule your free Discovery Session.  

Or, you can choose to go back to life as usual...  

Back to waking up every single day feeling completely lost, miserable and severely unfulfilled. Back to knowing in your heart that you’re not doing what you’re put on this earth to do. But instead of finding ways to push past your fears and make some major and immediate changes in your life, you prefer to watch life pass you by.  

But I'm pretty sure that that’s not you.  

"And the day came that the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

- Anais Nin 


Imagine having the courage and confidence to break free from a life of fear, suffering and lack of purpose for one with more freedom, more meaning and more money.  

Imagine the happiness, joy and excitement of doing what you love every single day.  

Imagine replacing your corporate income, quitting your job, and doing what you’re really passionate about.

It’s time to invest in YOU, to take control of your future, and to make the most of your Fabulous Forties.

Because you're worth it!

And because now is YOUR time ...

"I've seen loads of improvements in my marketing and learned loads through your program. I'm more creative, better targeted and much more effective. Even though I've worked in marketing for years, I've learned so much."

- Lisa-Nicole Dunne, Director of Marketing